Website design plays the similar role as that of advertising. Elegance and appearance used to show your product or services to impress customers. Good content, easy to use features and beneficial offers help to keep clients involved and increase sales.

After consultation we will present you with various design concepts. Feedback is welcomed and important part of the design and development processes, ensuring that you get the website or software you want.

Social Media

We are changing the way people connect with each other. With integrated processes, we help build a bridge between you and your customers.

Web Design

Designing a website brings together aspects of branding, interface design, typography, usability design and more, to create an engaging online experience.

SEO Friendly

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of increasing your websites’ position for organic (free) search.

Bulk Email & SMS

Powerful bulk email and SMS marketing software with features that support the needs of big businesses.

About Us

Tembe Group is a company of creative thinkers, strategists and problem solvers (and programmers, designers, copywriters, and digital gurus), passionate about the power of brands.

We are in the business of making your brand stand out from other brands. We do this by bringing together decades of experience in web development, strategy, branding, advertising and creative design.

We take your brand, find innovative ways of breathing life into it, develop it, and create momentum. We consistently strive to deliver powerful results for our clients.

Our Vision

To deliver imaginative business solutions and strategies that creates effective platforms for our clients to have a clear and distinct voice to their stakeholders, whilst receiving feedback that promotes collaborations with the aim of building mutually beneficial relationships.


We believe branding is about establishing trust through consistency; a brand is built by giving customers more than they expect. Great brands look toward the future and they evolve continuously. A brand stands for something that is meaningful and also enduring. Your Product, Your Service, Your Identity.


We pursue new ideas and trends in the market, always striving for continuous innovation. Allowing us to build excitement and interest by delivering something unique and extraordinary.


It is now widely accepted that human intelligence is derived from a combination of left brain and right brain, now let us feed your brain.

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What Is SEO & How SEO Works

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Our Clients

Our clients can always expect us to deliver a superior product in terms of the overall creative execution, the project experience and the technology used to develop it. We work closely with our clients to deliver results.

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